Gray Gables was established in 1898 by Mr. Henry Clay Brittain. He named the home Gray Gables after his late uncle who fought in the Civil War. The Brittain's were a very prosperous family in the Summerfield area. They also owned the local mercantile store which is currently the Summerfield Town Hall.

In 2001, after being neglected for almost three years, Patrick Jenks purchased the Gray Gables home with plans to restore it and move his 23 year old company inside. After a year of renovation, Forestry Systems, Inc. moved in. Soon after the move, Mr. Jenks began receiving requests to hold events in Gray Gables' backyard.

After a year Mr. Jenks decided to host a few events. In preparation for the upcoming gatherings, a 5,500 square foot patio with beautiful surrounding gardens was built. As the requests began pouring in, he decided it would be a good idea to create a new company to coordinate the events at Gray Gables. Mr. Jenks and his daughter Danielle established The Gardens at Gray Gables in 2006. Since then, Gray Gables has hosted over 250 weddings as well as several other events.

In 2011, work began on the new Stantliff Bridal Cottage. The bridal cottage is a dedicated building with all the amenities necessary for the bride to prepare for her wedding. A large koi pond complete with a stream and waterfall was also created. All guests will be able to take full advantage of this new setting at the Gray Gables estate.

Today The Gardens at Gray Gables is a thriving company that hosts over 60 events per year. These include weddings, corporate gatherings, graduations, school dances and Santa in The Gardens, the largest event of the year. It is the ideal setting for any occasion.